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Eco friendly, sustainable, natural pest control, with real organic, mechanical, cultural, and biological pest solutions. This is what pest control companies call Integrated Pest Management (IPM). However, we actually deploy it. 

Ecosystem Pest Solutions is a front runner in solving your pest problem using knowledge and experience. With us, using rodenticides, pesticides, or insecticides is the last resort. Habitat modification and the education we provide are key. Our mission is to keep your home pest free with real green, organic problem solving; a solution for you, not a bandaid. We are not interested in signing you up on any contract, just pure guarantees, from us to you.

IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests and the damage they can cause. The true green, non-toxic approach is not using any rodenticides, pesticides or insecticides, whether natural or not. Natural products are still labeled as pesticides and can provide toxicity to the environment if used incorrectly. Toxicity is a result of overuse, no matter the product. Even water can be toxic. However, in some cases the “minimal” use of pesticides or insecticides may be warranted. For example, ant colony elimination can be accomplished with minimal use of ant bait….applied ONLY to the active site and ONLY when the activity is occurring….not before or after. Another example, Biocontrol (e.g., bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis) is a great option for those who want nature to do the work. This bacterium is a naturally occurring predatory and parasitic pest solution that thrives in healthy soil, and is toxic in pest intestines. The most fantastic part of this, B. thuringiensis isn’t harmful to honey bees, they’re immune!